Cheers to New Beginnings!

cheersI’ve wanted to do this for a long time – create a page that is all my own. Not so much in the two-year-old, “Mine! Mine! Mine!” way, but more in the, “Welcome to My Home” way. My intention is for this space to be a place for newcomers to learn about me, friends to catch up with my progress, and professionals to offer me large sums of money. Well, two out of three isn’t bad.

So, as I write this first post, I also reflect on beginnings in general. Whenever something new begins, we have an array of emotions:
1. Excitement – this is new and great!
2. Nervousness – how will this actually work?
3. Fear – what if I fail 😦

The third, fear, often overrules all other emotions. Fear can keep us stuck in a job we hate, hold us hostage in a situation that’s destructive, or prevent us from chasing what we want in life.

When it came to building a website, fear definitely played a role. Will anyone visit my page? Will I be able to come up with new and engaging content? Will I have the time to do this right? I didn’t know the answer definitively, so I was scared to create a site and chose to do nothing instead. When fear wins, beginnings don’t stand a chance.

But when you conquer that fear and start something new, however large or small, it’s an accomplishment. If you’re reading this and are hesitant to start something new, I’d encourage you to take the leap. Though this is just the beginning, it’s really the end. The end of doubt, the end of anxiety, and the end of fear. Now, in my opinion, that deserves a celebratory drink (though you’ll learn I really use almost any occasion to drink celebrate). So, cheers to new beginnings!

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