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Black Catholic Facts Episode 3: Famous Black Catholics  Watch the latest Youtube video exploring the lives and faith of thirteen famous Black Catholics. Watch video.

Salt+Light Plus Working in Faith  Tune in with a subscription or 14-day free trial to watch the interview with Alessandra talking about her faith, her work as an author and digital media co-founder, and how each impacts the other. Watch the interview.

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americaAmerica Magazine  Many people, Catholics included, argue that slavery ended long ago. But in the words of Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, “slavery didn’t end—it evolved.” The American public’s conscience has been shocked into attention by the murders of African Americans like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and more recently Daunte Wright and Ma’Khia Bryant. But their deaths are the tip of the iceberg of the racial injustice still rampant in the United States. Continue reading.

us catholicU.S. Catholic When a friend told me she was discerning her charisms a few years ago, I have to admit I didn’t know what she was referring to. Recently, I took a course in conjunction with Catherine of Sienna Institute to learn about the twenty-two different charisms and the specific ones God has gifted to me. Charisms are supernatural spiritual gifts given to people at baptism for the good of the church. Though we all have personal, professional, and vocational goals in life, we often forget that God has also created us for a purpose and mission on earth that will build God’s kingdom. Continue reading.

grotto networkGrotto Network  As the racial justice movement has picked up steam, consciousness of the systemic racism faced by people of color has overwhelmed Alessandra at times with anger, hatred, and sadness. Forgiveness and reconciliation sometimes felt like the last things she could offer. This is the story of how she discovered that mercy is not only a powerful tool in our work for justice, but perhaps the only way to bring about change. Continue Reading.

bcmBlack Catholic Messenger  Gloria Purvis is back. After a whirlwind end to an already challenging year in 2020, one of US Catholicism’s most recognizable faces was left reeling from an unceremonious exit out of US Catholicism’s biggest media conglomerate. Now, after 5 months away from the airwaves—with one brief exception—the Gloria Purvis Podcast has arrived on America Media, the Jesuits’ publishing platform. Continue reading.

wherepeterisWhere Peter Is  The fourth installment of our Women of Color in Catholic Media interview series is a candid conversation with author Alessandra Harris. We explore several topics, ranging from her books to the global debt crisis to the racial demographics in Catholic media. We also discuss how she manages life’s balancing act as a writer and a mother of four. Finally, she offers a challenge for all readers of Where Peter Is. Continue reading.

ofdustanddivinityOf Dust & Divinity Podcast  We could not be more honored to have Alessandra Harris be our premier guest on Season 2! Alessandra is an author of multiple novels and describes herself as a progressive black catholic. She brings so much truth in this episode as we explore the pathway to authorship, the dehumanization of mass incarceration, and why, despite it all, she chooses to remain a Catholic. Listen to the podcast.

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Lent 2021: Starting Again  So much has happened since the beginning of the Lenten season in 2020, and in some ways, the past year feels like one long and never-ending Lent. I recently read the book of Ruth in the Old Testament, and did I ever relate to the start of the biblical story. Naomi is a woman living in a foreign land due to famine in her home land of Judah. After experiencing the death of her husband, both of her two sons also die ten years later. Heartbroken and destitute, Naomi insists that her two daughters-in-law return to their parents while she makes the journey back to Bethlehem to find her way amidst tragedy. Continue Reading

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It’s All Good  Living in a social media culture can be challenging. Post after post, we’re shown snapshots of people living their best lives. Vacation spots, bikini pics, graduation ceremonies, award celebrations. Not only do we feature our highlights, but we often filter them, causing them to look even better than they actually are. I’m guilty of it, too. Well, definitely not the bikini pictures. But as a mom and author, I post the successes. You won’t see the messy house, pile of bills, and overwhelming fatigue. I don’t boast about one-star reviews, or feeling envious of others’ success, or the seasons of waiting. Continue Reading

Seven Sorrows Scriptural Rosary

Holy Rosary Jesus Christianity Bible Book Cross  The rosary with seven septets dedicated to the suffering of our Blessed Mother goes back to the Middle Ages but gained new popularity following the Church-approved apparitions of the Virgin Mary in Kibeho, Rwanda in the 1980s. In her apparitions, Our Lady of Kibeho recommended that people pray the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows to obtain the favor of repentance.  Continue Reading            

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