Quarantine Hair

IMG_1353 (1)TW: This post might bring back memories of your worst haircut.

We’ve all heard of, or experienced, hair-related hair problems since coronavirus has caused many parts of the world to shelter-in-place and forced the closure of most hair salons and barbershops. Even celebrities are showing their two-toned hair and weave-less locs. Since I went natural in 2015 and have been doing my own hair at home since then, I did not initially worry. However, that changed when I received an email.

The shipment of the hair pudding I use for my curls was delayed. Since the physical store nearby was closed, I became a bit worried. What would happen if the shipment did not come in? I hoped I wouldn’t have to know.



Unfortunately, 5-7 days of delay stretched to almost two weeks. Completely out of the hair pudding, I decided I would press my hair since I had what I needed: a blow dryer and flat iron. After highlights had damaged my hair, I avoided putting heat on it to let it grow out, and hadn’t pressed it since 2018. But out of product and options, on Saturday I pressed my hair (which took 3 hours). When finished, I realized I needed a trim. Bad. (See picture and yellow arrow below.)


I watched a YouTube video about how to trim your own hair, and feeling more daring than usual (and completely bored), I attempted it. Let’s just say that was not the best idea I’ve had. It was a bad, bad idea. It started out well, but then I got a little more aggressive chopping off dead hair and ended up with a bit of a problem. I decided to stop when I was behind before I ended up with a bob. 


So, if you see my hair half up-half down until this quarantine is over, you’ll know why. (Yes, more still needs to come off. I will leave that to a professional 🙂


But wait! The quarantine hair drama does not end there. Monday I received the long-awaited package with my hair supplies, but I noticed the box looked a little beat up to say the least.


When I opened it, I was shocked.


The hair pudding I had waited so impatiently for had somehow opened and was all over the box. When will the quarantine hair drama end… Who knows.

Share your quarantine hair stories in the comments. Stay well and be healthy.

(Note to reader: I know COVID-19 is very serious. My heart goes out to all those affected either through illness, loss of employment, or loss of a loved one. I hope this silly story will provide much-needed comic relief.)


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  1. Joann K

    Good grief!!! That box looks like something fermented wrong and exploded!!

    Though, in that last picture your hair itself looks nice


  2. Dianne

    Hopefully no bob! Never heard of hair pudding before, interesting. My hair is fine and straight an doesn’t grow long. Always wanted hair like your before photo when I was younger. My hair is two lengths from in hospital last year and no one brushed it when I was ill, became so tangled on one side nurses cut off a huge chunk, so I’ve been wearing it up ever since. Hairdressers probably forgotten who I am, lol. Your are gorgeous however your hair looks!


      • Tess

        You would be beautiful even if you were bald! Lol! I too, consulted the great Oracle of YouTube for instructions on cutting my hair. I used kitchen shears and a small, handheld mirror to Try and see the back of my hair! I am now embracing the Asymetrical hair of the 90’s! I will never again question the amount of $$ my hairdresser charged! Staying Home, ( it’s only hair!) And staying safe! Try Coconut oil! Love, Tess


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